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How to (bajjr)

What is BAJJR?

BAJJR is the data search engine. It is the place to find infographics, data visualizations and datasets. We also create our own gorgeous visualizations.

Any search tips?

Search using the PLURAL form of your search term (e.g., 'dogs' not 'dog', 'visualizations' not 'visualization'). Consistent with the 'plural' rule: economics, genomics, informatics. Pediatrics. Most of the '-ics'.

Popular searches?

We can never get enough of climate or water.


Try visualizations, or infographics, datasets or data collections or simply database. Informatics or the people who are into the data scene. Maybe software. Also try dynamic and interactive.

Can I search by TAGS?

Yes. Try tags here. Or by data source, or location.

I have more questions

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