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What is a PLATFORM?

A platform is the place in BAJJR where you can gather and present links to materials on a particular (fairly narrow) topic. Think of it as an 'Essential Data' collection. For instance you might grow and maintain a platform on 'Oximetry in cyanotic heart disease'.

That sounds like curation

It does. You would be the Oximetry Curator. Or one of them, at least. Maybe someone will maintain a platform on 'Oximetry engineering'.

Where do these links lead?

The curator looks for the good stuff (or already knows where it is). For instance, she might decide that, of the 1685 items returned in a Google search of 'Oximetry in cyanotic heart disease', these twenty (20) are the most relevant. Ten (10) of them might contain datasets, five (5) of them might exist in data visualization format, four (4) as data-rich infographics. And one (1) tool to crunch oximetry data. See current platforms here.

How will BAJJR grow?

We're doing a lot of the heavy lifting, digging deep into some large repositories, indexing the best stuff. But real growth will occur when researchers create platforms that highlight their own data as well as relevant data or visualizations from other sources.

Can I start a platform?

Absolutely. And we prefer that you declare a niche platform, like 'paleoclimatology' rather than 'climate'. You can create your own platform here.

Can I maintain several platforms?

We'd love that.

What if I cite the same thing as someone else?

We all repeat ourselves. We do.

I have more questions

You have more questions

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